Pics or it didn’t happen!

Okay, even though this phrase isn’t necessarily true, having pictures of the invaluable moments you experience while traveling is paramount. The ability to look back on photos that recall a specific day, event, or conversation is incredibly important. Photos (and videos) serve as portals to a different reality— so you want them to look good, or at least not be blurry! But, should you really bring a forreal camera with you to Peru to on your daytrip to Macchu Picchu when you could document the occasion with your smartphone? Epic moments should be shared regardless. Consult this list of pros and cons before you decide which option is right for you.



  • More likely to be weatherproof (dust, water, dirt)
  • Interchangeable lenses that allow you to choose the perfect lens to capture any given moment
  • Optical zoom


  • Even though some may deem buying a travel camera worth it, even the most affordable ones start at about $500
  • Added stress. Keeping track of a passport, phone, and money is enough trouble for some people while they’re away



  • You most likely take it with you everywhere anyway (data roaming is key)
  • Sharing pictures and videos with your social network is easy


  • Not weatherproof or shock resistant
  • Phone cameras don’t take the best pictures in low light. If you’re taking pictures while you’re out and about at night, the image may not do your memory justice.
  • No optical zoom

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