Paraty, Brazil

CORE Audience: Beach Lovers

Why Though: As of 2019, citizens from countries including the USCanada, and Australia no longer need visas to visit Brazil, so your trip just got that much easier. Located about a four-hour drive from Rio, this quiet and pristine beach area was recently named a UNESCO heritage site, so get your oceanside caipirinhas in now before Paraty becomes the next tropical hot spot.

What to do: Lounge on Cão Morto beach and soak in both the sunshine and the shockingly turquoise waters.

Copenhagen, Denmark

CORE Audience: Solo Travelers

Why Though: Ranked the 7th safest city in 2019, this Nordic destination is a solo traveler’s dream. With plenty of cultural sites to see, including the newly renovated Museum of Copenhagen, there’s no possibility of getting bored here.

What to do: Stroll along the Nyhavn canal and people watch, or head to Reffen, a large open-air food market that’s the perfect place to try a bunch of different local dishes!

Shikoku Island, Japan

CORE Audience: Off-the-Beaten-Path Travelers

Why Though: This year is a big one for Japan with Tokyo hosting the Olympics, so why not skip the crowds and explore one of the country’s lesser traveled but equally beautiful areas? Shikoku Island, with its lush greenery and coastal views, isn’t just stunning — it’s delicious, too! It’s known as Japan’s udon capital, so there’s no shortage of drool-inducing activities.

What to do: Take a ride in the Udon Taxi, which takes you to the tastiest spots on the island.

Kauai, USA

CORE Audience: Nature Lovers

Why Though: Hawaii’s “Garden Island” is known for its lush tropical greenery and blue waters, and the Kalalau Trail shows you the best of both. The 11-mile trail is known as one of the most beautiful, yet dangerous, in the world and only recently reopened after extensive renovations. Getting a visitor’s permit is more exclusive than ever — they run out quickly — so be sure to put Kauai on your bucket list now!

What to do: After you’ve finished hiking, don’t forget to explore every inch of this island. Head to Mark’s Place on the opposite side for some of the best Hawaiian food of your life.

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