The Experience

At The CORE Travel Group, your experience is our obsession, and that experience is our primary responsibility. Here’s how our experience stands out.

We take our itineraries seriously

Every moment of every tour we’re constantly trying to improve. When you travel with us you can rest assured that every location, hotel, meal, camel ride, or boat ride has been chosen with the utmost consideration. Your happiness is our success.

We prepare you for travel

Traveling internationally can be intimidating for some and we want to simplify things for you. We’ll provide you insight on passport requirements, visas, vaccine requirements, packing lists, cultural expectations and more. We’re here to address all your trip related questions.

We prepare for the unexpected

Accidents happen all over the world, so we do all we can to be prepared for the unexpected. Every trip is analyzed to identify potential safety risks in order to prevent them before they occur. Information is key and we consistently monitor the US State Department, OSAC, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, and local Ministry of Tourisms closely.

We appreciate relaxation

We want to see the world but we want you to head back home without needing a vacation from your vacation. We build in time for you to explore the locale at your own speed, enjoy a spa day or just lay by the water if you choose.