Discover Ghana

A Cultural Experience Beyond Accra

This experience is designed for those interested in exploring their roots, as well as students of Africa who want to dig deep into the history and culture of Ghana. This immersive journey explores southern Ghana, including tours of two UNESCO World Heritage slave castles. In designing this tour, we aim to provide an authentic, but comfortable look into the cultures of your ancestors.

Why you’ll love this trip

Stand at the point of no return in Cape Coast Castle, a UNESCO World Heritage Site where thousands of captive slaves passed through on their journeys to the America
Wake up to the sound of roosters crowing in a comfortable community in the hills outside of Accra
Explore Accra, the bustling capital of Ghana
Participate in a Sankofa (going back to your roots) naming ceremony

Discover Ghana


  • Hotel Accommodations
  • Private transport including airport
  • All activities mentioned in this itinerary
  • 24-hour tour guide service
  • Bottled water during excursions
  • All meals*

Tour Map


Day 1: We Made It!!

Upon arrival at Kotaka International Airport (ACC) you’ll be greeted with a smile by a CORE staff member, who will escort you to our hotel to get settled in. Take the day to visit some of the shops, restaurants or tailors available just outside of our hotel and later tonight you will meet with your CORE Cousins for an overview of our plans of the week and drinks on the rooftop.

Day 2: The Heart of Accra

After breakfast, we’ll head out to experience the local culture of Accra at their largest market, Makola. This will give you a glance into the daily lives of Ghanaians as they hustle from stall to stall, bargaining for every product you can imagine. From the market, you will head to Kwame Nkrumah Mausoleum, in Kwame Nkrumah Memorial Park to learn about the rise of Ghana’s independence leader and first president, Kwame Nkrumah. After lunch we’ll head to the W.E.B. Dubois Center and learn about the Pan-African movement.

Day 3: Back to your Roots

This morning you will participate in a Sankofa naming ceremony. This ceremony will be attended by the local chief and elders of the nearby village. Each guest will be given a traditional name. You will drive to Krobo-Odumase, here you will learn about the traditions of local chiefs and queen mothers, as well as how beads are used to introduce teenagers to adulthood. Later tonight you will enjoy a homestay-style dinner with a local family for an authentic look into Ghanaian customs, traditions, cooking, and family life.

Day 4: Ashanti Traditions

This morning you will make your way northwest to local Ashanti villages where you will learn about kente weaving traditions, as well as Adinkra symbols. A famous traditional cloth, Kente is mostly used during important ceremonies such as weddings, festivals and funerals. You will visit an ancient village known as Adanwomase that first introduced kente spinning and weaving. Here you will have the opportunity to try your hand at weaving before we head to our hotel for the evening.

Day 5: Ashanti Kingdom

Today we’ll experience the capital of the Ashanti Kingdom, Kumasi. You’ll visit the palace of Asante Henne, the chief of the Ashantis and learn about the rich history and traditions of the Ashanti people and how they fought and traded with Europeans over gold and slaves. You will also visit a local art market where you will have the chance to buy various Ashanti paintings and crafts.

Day 6: The Door of No Return

You’ll leave Kumasi and head south to Cape Coast where you’ll tour Cape Coast Castle, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and home to a museum on slavery and European colonization. Later this afternoon you will visit a historical Dutch cemetery for another historical lesson before heading to your beach side accommodation for the night.

Day 7: Relax and Reflect

After days of building new memories, today you will have a chance to relax and reflect. It’s beach day! You will have ample time to sit on a palm-lined beach and watch the waves crash into the sand. You can also wander up the beaches and watch local fisherman coming in and out, unloading their catch, and preparing their nets.

Day 8: Back to the Capital

Today we head back to Ghana so you can catch up on a last bit of shopping or pick up your custom outfit you were fitted for earlier. See more of the city or just relax, it’s our last day in Accra and you’re free to spend it how you’d like then meet back at the rooftop for a farewell evening with your CORE cousins.

Day 9: Farewell

After an amazing experience it’s time to head home. Your driver will get you back to the hotel for your flight but you’ll have gained new memories to last a lifetime.

What’s included

The CORE Travelers Kit
Premium Hotel Accommodations
Private transport including airport pick-up and drop-off
All activities mentioned in this itinerary, including entrance fees, external guide fees, vendor tips
24-hour tour guide service
Bottled water during excursions
All meals*

*For each meal, we include the average cost of an entree at a specific restaurant. If you wish to buy higher-end menu items you may be asked to cover the difference in price. Alcohol and dessert are not included.

What’s not included

Travel Insurance
International flight to and from Ghana
Incidental Hotel Room Charges
Activities outside of planned excursions
Individual Tips