Frequently Asked Questions

How much money do I need to bring? Do we have access to ATMs/cash machines?

CORE tours include almost everything, but you will often need to pay for some of your own lunches, dinners, drinks, or souvenirs. Be sure to check the specifics of your tour to make sure you have enough additional money. Email us regarding specific cost requests pertaining to your trip.

ATM’s are generally located inside the arriving airports and most major cities with funds in the local currency.

Is there a culturally appropriate dress code?

We want to respect the culture wherever we travel and will provide packing suggestions for each trip.

Do I need travel insurance?

For your safety and financial security, we highly recommend that you buy a travel insurance policy for your trips. Accidents happen, and we don’t want our clients getting stuck paying medical bills or evacuation costs if you are injured on your tour. For recommended travel insurance options, email

Do I need to tip?

Tipping is optional but workers is most countries depend on tips as their major source of income to support their families.  For each trip, details regarding specific expectations will be shared in your welcome packet.

How will we communicate on the trip?

Your trip leader will set aside time before and/or after each day’s experiences for you to meet and discuss whatever you have on your mind. You’ll also have access to your trip leader 24/7 for emergencies, WhatsApp.

WhatsApp will also be used for group communication amongst all travelers.